Pussy Riot-The revolution should be done by women

Pussy Riot- The revolution should be done by women


Wenige Tage vor der Präsidentschaftswahl in Russland sind die Mitglieder der feministischen Punkband „Pussy Riot“ unsere „sœurs préférées“. Die aufsehenerregenden Auftritte der russischen riot grrls, die z.B. am roten Platz und in der Erlöser-Kathedrale in Moskau stattfanden,  sind allesamt illegal und werden meist nach wenigen Minuten von Polizei oder anderen Sicherheitskräften beendet. Die Frauen verorten sich selber zwischen Anarchismus und linkem Liberalismus und protestieren mit ihrer Kunst  gegen Wladimir Putin, für Demokratie, Feminismus und eine lebendige Zivilgesellschaft. Sie sehen sich in der Tradition der Riot Grrrls und fordern in einem Interview mit „The Guardian“ :

„The revolution should be done by women. For now, they don’t beat us or jail us as much. There’s a deep tradition in Russia of gender and revolution – we’ve had amazing women revolutionaries.“

Ihre Outfits (bunte Minikleider, Strumphosen und Sturmhauben) sind von Comic-Superhelden inspiriert und dienen gleichzeitig dem Schutz ihrer Identität. In einem Interview mit der russischen Zeitung Gazeta antworten sie auf die Frage nach Produzenten und Sponsoren mit einem Liedtext von „padla bear outfit“: „Mein PR-Manager Karl Marx und mein Produzent Lion Feuchtwanger…“.

Auch wenn der Sieger der Wahl am Sonntag bereits fest zu stehen scheint, wünschen wir Pussy Riot viel Erfolg. In diesem Sinne:

„Eine Kolonne Aufständischer marschiert zum Kreml, in den Büros der Geheimdienstler explodieren die Fenster. Hinter den roten Mauern pissen die Schlampen. Riot rufen die Abtreibung des Systems aus. Aufruhr in Russland – Putin pisst sich in die Hose.“

(Song von Pussy Riot)

Hier ein sehr interessantes Video von BBC über Pussy Riot und die Präsidentschaftswahl.

Im Guardian ist außerdem ein guter Artikel erschienen, der die Band in die Tradition der Riot Grrrls einordnet.

Noch mehr Informationen findet Ihr  hier und hier.


A few days before the presidential elections in Russia the members of the feminist punk band „Pussy Riot“ are our “sœurs préférées”. The spectacular performances of these Russian Riot Grrls, for example, on Red Square and the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, are all illegal and usually ended within minutes by police or other security forces. The women locate themselves between anarchism and left liberalism and protest against Vladimir Putin, for democracy, feminism and a thriving civil society. They see themselves in the tradition of the Riot Grrrls and demand in an interview with „The Guardian„:

“The revolution should be done by women. For now, they don’t beat us or jail us as much. There’s a deep tradition in Russia of gender and revolution – we’ve had amazing women revolutionaries.”

Their outfits (colored mini dresses, tights and Storm hoods) are inspired by comic book super heroes, and also serve to protect their identity. In an interview with Russian newspaper Gazeta, they answer to the question of producers and sponsors with a lyric from „padla bear outfit“: „My PR manager Karl Marx and my producer Lion Feuchtwanger …“.

Although the winner of the election on Sunday already seems to stand firm, we wish pussy Riot much success. With this in mind:

Go to the Kremlin – the rebellious colonies
In the FSB (Federal Security Service) offices
Windows explode. Females for red walls
Riot announces Abortion System!
Attack at dawn? I would not mind…
For our freedom and yours, a whip to punish.
Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest
Riot in Russia – Putin has pissed himself!

Song by Pussy Riot

Here is a very interesting video from BBC about Pussy Riot and the presidential election.
The Guardian also published a good article that drives the band in the tradition of the Riot Grrrls.
More information here and here



Nachdem PETA 2004 mit der Kampagne „Der Holocaust auf Ihrem Teller“ deutlich gemacht hat, dass man sich dort für nichts zu schade ist, wird jetzt mit einer neuen geschmacklosen Kampagne durchgestartet: „Boyfriend Went Vegan And Knocked The Bottom Out Of Me“.

Sprich: Sie leidet darunter, dass sich ihr Freund nun vegan ernährt und dadurch so potent ist, dass der Sex zum Gesundheitsrisiko wird. Oder wie es in dem Video heißt: “ Auf einmal bringt er es wie ein tantrischer Porno-Star“. Mit Halskrause und schmerzverzerrtem Gesicht kehrt die Frau in dem Spot zurück in die Wohnung zu ihrem Freund. Unter ihrem Mantel trägt sie nur Unterwäsche. Der Freund fragt unschuldig: „Geht es dir besser?“

Wer vegan leben möchte, ohne dabei Witze über die Shoa oder sexuelle Gewalt an Frauen abnicken zu müssen, informiere sich dann doch lieber hier
Wer eine tolle Seite kennt, vermerke das doch bitte in einem comment

Mehr zum Spot gibt es hier oder hier


After PETA made clear that they will stop at nothing with their campaign „Holocaust on Your Plate“, there is now a tasteless new campaign: „Boyfriend Went Vegan And Knocked The Bottom Out Of Me.“

This means: she suffers from the fact that her boyfriend went vegan and is now is so potent that sex is a health risk. Or, as you can hear in the video: „All at once he brings it like a tantric porn star“. With a collar and distoerted with pain she gets back to the apartment and her boyfriend. Under her coat she is wearing only underwear. The friend asks innocently, „Are you feeling better?

Who wants to live vegan, without having to endure jokes about the Holocaust or sexual violence of women should get informed here
feel free to post websites about veganism!

Sweden: forced sterilizations of transgender people is about to end

Today the conservative Christian Democrats – members of the governing coalition in Sweden and primary obstacle to ending the policy of forced sterilizations – reversed course and announced that they’ll be supporting a ban on the practice.

Video Transcript
„Hi, my name is Love, I’m from Sweden and I’m trans. That means I’m born in a female body but my heart says I’m a man. I’m speaking out today because the Swedish government is forcing thousands of people like me to make an impossible choice.

If I need to change the gender on my identity card to reflect my true self, just a small change from an „F“ to an „M“, my country will force me to be sterilized. I can either be represented correctly or have my basic human rights violated. That is not a fair choice. I’m at a protest today in front of the Parliament to ask for the law to be changed and this barbaric practice to end.“

Read more here

BIC – Bitches In Control


BIC in TIlburg Magazine

Our first sœurs préférées are even three women – BITCHES IN CONTROL.
BIC crew was founded in 2003 and consists of F.Lady, Meg and Lowlita.
Latest in 2005 especially F. Lady became particularly important for the female street art and graffiti scene by founding the catfightmagazine, an all female graffmagazine. Unfortunately there are no new issues since 2009.
F.Lady also was part of the We B*Girlz festival in 2008.
Today she’s a member of „The Fly Force“, an allround female hip hop crew from Dutch.

they paint walls, print silkscreened stuff and have their own fashion label. They make independent work, teach at workshops and also have their own female graffiti and streetart magazine Catfight . Busy bees, those BIC’s.

F.Lady graffiti character

Bring it On

„Words of witness“

„Words of witness“ is a documentary, that follows Heba Afify, a young egyptian woman, during the revolution in Egypt. The film was screened for the first time yesterday at the Berlinale film festival, where you can watch it today, tomorrow and  on 17th of February. In an interview with the journal „Die Zeit“ she said, that the revolution was still far from reaching its goals. In the beginning they were  euphoric and thought: „Now we live in freedom and democracy.“ But during the last year (after the revolution) little has been done and some things had gone even worse.

The synopsis of the film

A few months before Mubarak’s resignation a young journalist named Heba Afify began working for the English-language edition of an independent Egyptian daily newspaper called Al-Masry Al-Youm. WORDS OF WITNESS follows the protests on Tahrir Square and Heba’s impassioned efforts to reflect the diversity of people’s opinions and their new-found voice. This film sweeps the viewer along with Heba’s enthusiasm and determination to find the right words with which to convey the truth. It also shows us how Heba actively participates in the protests and sometimes finds herself in potentially dangerous situations. Every day she is also obliged to do battle with her own mother who feels Heba’s behaviour is not seemly for a young woman in Egyptian society.
Multi-award-winning Egyptian-American documentary filmmaker Mai Iskander’s work provides a dense picture of the social and political upheaval in Egypt and the struggle for a new order; it also gives us a graphic description of the power of social media such as Twitter and Facebook in fuelling such protests. Or – as Heba’s mother asks at one point: “What happens when I press ‘share’?”


Words of Witness Trailer from iskander films on Vimeo.

Don’t forget the people in Russia!

This morning, St. Petersburg legislators passed the 2nd reading of the outrageous „propaganda“ bill that will silence millions of Russian LGBT voices. Our friend Polina reports that we still have time to call our world leaders — the final vote will come next week. Call your foreign affairs office now, and spread the word HERE.

The Russian law to silence LGBT people is back — and we need to act now.

Lawmakers are about to vote on bill that will make it illegal for any person to write a book, publish an article or speak in public about being gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. And this is just the beginning – if the law passes in St. Petersburg, officials have threatened to take it nationwide.

Activists in St. Petersburg are rushing to organize a public protest against the bill, but no matter where you are, you can stand with them. Join this call to leaders around the world to reach out to their counterparts in the Russian government – and ask them to reject this discriminatory and anti-democratic law.

more information here


A law which outlaws „homosexual propaganda“ has been approved by parliamentarians in St Petersburg – a move that has outraged rights activists in Russia and across the world.

„Propaganda“ is defined by the bill as „enticements, positive opinions and comments that promote non-traditional sexual and family relations to minors“. The MP behind it said the legislation would target „themed“ clubs for teenagers, and the spreading of information about homosexuality on social networks.

The law would ban the dissemination of information „which could cause damage to the health or moral and spiritual development of minors, including by inducing them to form warped perceptions that traditional and non-traditional married relations are equally socially acceptable“.

more information here
and here in german language

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