Bikini Kill Starts Bikini Kill Records

This week, feminist punk pioneers Bikini Kill started their own record label. Yep, you read that right.

the four members of Bikini Kill wear black tees and look at the camera

Here they are with more info:

As our 25th anniversary approaches, Bikini Kill has decided to start our own record label called Bikini Kill Records. The Bikini Kill back catalog is currently available digitally via, eMusic & iTunes. The Frumpies and Casual Dots are also up for sale now. We are working towards reissuing the physical Bikini Kill records one at a time. There are brand new Bikini Kill T Shirts available from at this time with more merch to come in the near future.

New merch, you say? And ongoing re-releases, including the band’s original demo tape? Don’t mind if we do.

Congratulations Bikini Kill on the new label! Check it out here.


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