❤❤ DARIA ❤❤

❤❤ DARIA ❤❤

Daria is an American animated television series created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn for MTV. The series focuses on Daria Morgendorffer, a smart, acerbic, and somewhat misanthropic teenage girl who observes the world around her. The show is set in the fictional suburban American town of Lawndale and is a satire of high school life, and full of allusions to and criticisms of popular culture and social classes.

Daria Morgendorffer is the show’s eponymous protagonist, who appears in most scenes. Her immediate family (mother Helen, father Jake, and younger sister Quinn) and her best friend Jane Lane appear in nearly every episode. A number of secondary characters round out the regular cast.

Daria’s theme song is „You’re Standing on My Neck“, written and performed by all-female band Splendora. The band later created original themes for the two Daria TV movies, „Turn the Sun Down“ (for Is It Fall Yet?) and „College Try (Gives Me Blisters)“ (for Is It College Yet?), along with some background music.

The plots of Daria largely concern juxtaposition between the central character’s jaded, sardonic cynicism and the values/preoccupations of her suburban American hometown of Lawndale. In a 2005 interview, series co-creator Glenn Eichler described the otherwise unspecified locale as, „a mid-Atlantic suburb, outside somewhere like Baltimore. They could have lived in Pennsylvania near the Main Line, though.“

Pussy Riot-The revolution should be done by women

Pussy Riot- The revolution should be done by women


Wenige Tage vor der Präsidentschaftswahl in Russland sind die Mitglieder der feministischen Punkband „Pussy Riot“ unsere „sœurs préférées“. Die aufsehenerregenden Auftritte der russischen riot grrls, die z.B. am roten Platz und in der Erlöser-Kathedrale in Moskau stattfanden,  sind allesamt illegal und werden meist nach wenigen Minuten von Polizei oder anderen Sicherheitskräften beendet. Die Frauen verorten sich selber zwischen Anarchismus und linkem Liberalismus und protestieren mit ihrer Kunst  gegen Wladimir Putin, für Demokratie, Feminismus und eine lebendige Zivilgesellschaft. Sie sehen sich in der Tradition der Riot Grrrls und fordern in einem Interview mit „The Guardian“ :

„The revolution should be done by women. For now, they don’t beat us or jail us as much. There’s a deep tradition in Russia of gender and revolution – we’ve had amazing women revolutionaries.“

Ihre Outfits (bunte Minikleider, Strumphosen und Sturmhauben) sind von Comic-Superhelden inspiriert und dienen gleichzeitig dem Schutz ihrer Identität. In einem Interview mit der russischen Zeitung Gazeta antworten sie auf die Frage nach Produzenten und Sponsoren mit einem Liedtext von „padla bear outfit“: „Mein PR-Manager Karl Marx und mein Produzent Lion Feuchtwanger…“.

Auch wenn der Sieger der Wahl am Sonntag bereits fest zu stehen scheint, wünschen wir Pussy Riot viel Erfolg. In diesem Sinne:

„Eine Kolonne Aufständischer marschiert zum Kreml, in den Büros der Geheimdienstler explodieren die Fenster. Hinter den roten Mauern pissen die Schlampen. Riot rufen die Abtreibung des Systems aus. Aufruhr in Russland – Putin pisst sich in die Hose.“

(Song von Pussy Riot)

Hier ein sehr interessantes Video von BBC über Pussy Riot und die Präsidentschaftswahl.

Im Guardian ist außerdem ein guter Artikel erschienen, der die Band in die Tradition der Riot Grrrls einordnet.

Noch mehr Informationen findet Ihr  hier und hier.


A few days before the presidential elections in Russia the members of the feminist punk band „Pussy Riot“ are our “sœurs préférées”. The spectacular performances of these Russian Riot Grrls, for example, on Red Square and the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, are all illegal and usually ended within minutes by police or other security forces. The women locate themselves between anarchism and left liberalism and protest against Vladimir Putin, for democracy, feminism and a thriving civil society. They see themselves in the tradition of the Riot Grrrls and demand in an interview with „The Guardian„:

“The revolution should be done by women. For now, they don’t beat us or jail us as much. There’s a deep tradition in Russia of gender and revolution – we’ve had amazing women revolutionaries.”

Their outfits (colored mini dresses, tights and Storm hoods) are inspired by comic book super heroes, and also serve to protect their identity. In an interview with Russian newspaper Gazeta, they answer to the question of producers and sponsors with a lyric from „padla bear outfit“: „My PR manager Karl Marx and my producer Lion Feuchtwanger …“.

Although the winner of the election on Sunday already seems to stand firm, we wish pussy Riot much success. With this in mind:

Go to the Kremlin – the rebellious colonies
In the FSB (Federal Security Service) offices
Windows explode. Females for red walls
Riot announces Abortion System!
Attack at dawn? I would not mind…
For our freedom and yours, a whip to punish.
Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest
Riot in Russia – Putin has pissed himself!

Song by Pussy Riot

Here is a very interesting video from BBC about Pussy Riot and the presidential election.
The Guardian also published a good article that drives the band in the tradition of the Riot Grrrls.
More information here and here

BIC – Bitches In Control


BIC in TIlburg Magazine

Our first sœurs préférées are even three women – BITCHES IN CONTROL.
BIC crew was founded in 2003 and consists of F.Lady, Meg and Lowlita.
Latest in 2005 especially F. Lady became particularly important for the female street art and graffiti scene by founding the catfightmagazine, an all female graffmagazine. Unfortunately there are no new issues since 2009.
F.Lady also was part of the We B*Girlz festival in 2008.
Today she’s a member of „The Fly Force“, an allround female hip hop crew from Dutch.

they paint walls, print silkscreened stuff and have their own fashion label. They make independent work, teach at workshops and also have their own female graffiti and streetart magazine Catfight . Busy bees, those BIC’s.

F.Lady graffiti character

Bring it On