Iran: Dress Like A Woman

Eine neue Kampagne aus dem Iran: Act Like a Man, dress Like a Woman.
Von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Der Hintegrund:

A man dressed in a red dress with a veil on his head was paraded by security forces through the streets of Marivan in the Kurdistan province of Iran on Monday, April 15, 2012. A local court decided this would be the punishment for three men, reportedly found guilty in domestic disputes. The exact circumstances are unclear, but the mere idea of this punishment has angered many.

Women in Marivan held a protest against the sentence on Tuesday, saying it is more humiliating to women than it is to the convicted men. According to one human rights activist, security forces physically attacked protesters [fa]. A video shows women marching through the streets.

Die Reaktion:

Online, several Iranian men have photographed themselves dressed as women as part of a Facebook campaign to say, “Being a woman is not an instrument to punish or humiliate anybody.”