Fights And Fires – Chase The Blues

Fights And Fires have a new video AND their new album „we could be all dead tomorrow“, which will be released on February 22nd.
I’m looking forward to 23rd of march when they play in Regensburg again. Although boat trips won’t be possible.


Yesterday we drove in a tiny car to a tiny village to see some bands.

We came to see The Holy Kings, We Will Fly and Fights and Fires, all of them very lovely bands. But oh my… See Fights and Fires if you get a chance! Wow. It was a spectacle. In the first song they gave their instruments to the audience and probably drank three bottles of „christmas wine“ during the evening. They made people yelling Santa Claus in March and spread kisses. You really made up a great evening. Fights and Fires. Thank you!

all photos from Fights and Fires