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Sally Nixon ♡♡♡

Samstag, März 18th, 2017

„Sally Nixon is an illustrator living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2013 with a BFA in illustration. She loves drawing girls because they’re pretty and food because it’s the best. Currently, she is in the middle of a 365 day drawing challenge in which she completes one small drawing every day.“

The Virgin Daughters

Dienstag, Januar 17th, 2012

Viele von euch werden diese Doku schon kennen. Für alle anderen:

Cutting Edge explores the purity movement in America, where one girl in every six pledges to remain a virgin, or to save her first kiss, until her wedding day.

Award-winning documentary-maker Jane Treays investigates whether this decision is made by the girls themselves or their parents, and follows a group of fathers and daughters as they prepare to attend a `purity ball’ in Colorado Springs, run by Randy Wilson and his wife Lisa.