(Un)sanctioned – Luna Park

Katherine “Luna Park” Lorimer is a Brooklyn-based graffiti and street art photographer and curator. (Un)Sanctioned is her love letter to the City and the artists who continue to aspire and inspire.

Furthermore she’s just an incredibly nice person. So anyways – check her Instagram.com/lunapark


We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

„Jessica Sabogal is an artist that continues to grow with resilience, prosper with purpose, and paint without fear. She seeks to connect the world around us with art that reminds all that women are to be valued, glorified, respected (…).“


Margaret Killgallen – Heroine

Wir empfehlen dringend dieses kurze Portrait über Margaret Killgallen. Margaretes Motive sind voller Liebe zu den Heldinnen, die sie selbst erschuf – ihr Ziel: Den Blick auf Frauen in der Gesellschaft zu verändern. Neben Gemälden kennen wir Margaretes Arbeiten auch von Zügen und Murals. Rest In Peace Sweet Soul.

BIC – Bitches In Control


BIC in TIlburg Magazine

Our first sœurs préférées are even three women – BITCHES IN CONTROL.
BIC crew was founded in 2003 and consists of F.Lady, Meg and Lowlita.
Latest in 2005 especially F. Lady became particularly important for the female street art and graffiti scene by founding the catfightmagazine, an all female graffmagazine. Unfortunately there are no new issues since 2009.
F.Lady also was part of the We B*Girlz festival in 2008.
Today she’s a member of „The Fly Force“, an allround female hip hop crew from Dutch.

they paint walls, print silkscreened stuff and have their own fashion label. They make independent work, teach at workshops and also have their own female graffiti and streetart magazine Catfight . Busy bees, those BIC’s.

F.Lady graffiti character

Bring it On


Graffiti Artist FAFI überrascht mit ihrem Debut als Regisseurin des Muskivideos von MADEMOISELLE YULIA.
Wer schon immer wissen wollte, wie FAFIs bekannte Charakters und Szenerien in „real life“ aussehen könnten, darf jetzt gespannt sein:

Mehr zu Fafi findet ihr hier


GAANZER calls for help:

Mad Graffiti Week: Jan 13-25 – An Appeal to Artists Everywhere

This is an appeal to help save lives. The Egyptian Military Council has unleashed a brutal crackdown on peaceful protests by the Egyptian people, calling for the resignation of the military council and a cancellation of the sham elections that they’ve been running under their supervision. Soldiers have shown us no mercy, hitting fallen women with their batons, stomping on skulls with their boots, and shooting unarmed civilians dead. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and was unable to stop it. It’s a soul-shattering pain like no other.

The lies being disseminated by military-controlled media are as equally painful. Nothing hurts more than such shameless injustice. I fear the military’s strategy will only lead my country to an armed civil war. In an effort to keep our struggle peaceful, I hear by call on artists everywhere to support the Egyptian revolution with their art. As the genius that is Alan Moore once said, “[a satire] destroys you in the eyes of your community, it shows you up as ridiculous, lame, pathetic, worthless, in the eyes of your community, in the eyes of your family, in the eyes of your children, in the eyes of yourself, and if it’s a particularly good bard, and he’s written a particularly good satire, then three hundred years after you’re dead, people are still gonna be laughing.“

Our only hope right now is to destroy the military council using the weapon of art. From January 13 to 25, the streets of Egypt will see an explosion of anti-military street-art. If you are a street artist elsewhere in the world, please do what you can in your city to help us. Even if you are not a street-artist. If you’re a comicbook artist, a musician, or filmmaker, whatever artistic talent you have can be of big help. If you can do something before the designated date, please do! We need all the help we can get.

Finding “inspiration” is not at all difficult. A quick visit to scaf-crimes.blogspot.com will do the trick. On behalf of Egypt’s street-art community, allow me to thank anybody in the world willing to help. Your art may very well save lives.

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Der Artikel Street Girls – The Rise Of Female Street Art erschien vor einiger Zeit im Modart Magazine. Auch wenn er nicht mehr ganz frisch ist, so ist er in vielen Dingen dennoch aktuell.

Are we seeing the birth of a sisterhood of
female street artists? Or is it all about The Art, and not The Gender?

Lest hier!

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