BIC – Bitches In Control


BIC in TIlburg Magazine

Our first sœurs préférées are even three women – BITCHES IN CONTROL.
BIC crew was founded in 2003 and consists of F.Lady, Meg and Lowlita.
Latest in 2005 especially F. Lady became particularly important for the female street art and graffiti scene by founding the catfightmagazine, an all female graffmagazine. Unfortunately there are no new issues since 2009.
F.Lady also was part of the We B*Girlz festival in 2008.
Today she’s a member of „The Fly Force“, an allround female hip hop crew from Dutch.

they paint walls, print silkscreened stuff and have their own fashion label. They make independent work, teach at workshops and also have their own female graffiti and streetart magazine Catfight . Busy bees, those BIC’s.

F.Lady graffiti character

Bring it On